Second Chance Bangkok is a social enterprise creating Second Chances for the people of Klong Toey community; Bangkok's largest slum. We strive to Re(up)cycle, Reuse and Renew.


The earth and its amazing resources are valuable and limited, and we want to do our bit for generations to come. Preloved clothing that can't be used or sold, we upcycle into new, better products!


We make unwanted household items and clothing available for sale in our second hand shop.One man's junk, truly is another man's treasure!


We believe that every human being has value, regardless of colour, religion or economic status. Our hope is that through fair and sustainable employment, our staff become family, valued and full of worth.

We exist to create second chances


Donate to help us continue giving second chances!


As residents of Klong Toey community (slum), we are passionate to be actively involved in the life of this community and to see it flourish

Because everyone deserves a second chance

Join us in being part of the global movement for environmental sustainability and social responsibility


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