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Donate Second Hand Goods

( formerly Schedule a Pick up)

We rely on donations of quality second-hand goodsᅠ and sell them to residents of Klong Toey community at affordable prices, building dignity and self-respect. At times we may pass them on to those who lack the resources to purchase these essential items themselves.

Your donations create employment for many local residents, in the second hand shop, and through the                         where women with skills in sewing are transforming pre-loved clothing into beautiful bags and giftwares.

We believe in re-using to help build a more sustainable future for our planet! 

Thanks for submitting!


We often get asked, "what can I donate?" We accept a large of items, the following may help you work it out!

-  Clean clothing

-  Baby clothing & Accessories

-  Toys

-  Kitchenware/ Crockery/ Utensils

-  Electronic appliances (in working order)

-  Computer (in working order)

-  Computer accessories

-  Books

-  Bedding

-  Furniture

-  Musical instruments/ sheet music

-  Sporting equipment

-  Office furniture/ supplies

-  Stationary 

Please be considerate when collecting items for us. We do not accept general rubbish or broken, unfixable goods. Please dispose of these thoughtfully


As an eco-friendly enterprise, we are mindful of the environmental impact of our pick-up service, including the costs associated with air pollution, congestion, and fossil fuels. Although we appreciate all recycling and re-using we respectfully ask for assistance. For outlying areas including Nonthaburi, Bang Na, BachaCheun, Klong San, Thonburi and Rangsit we kindly ask:

- Please combine smaller donations with others in your area allowing for a single trip with maximum impact.

- Please note we do not have car parking available. Please notify us if you are dropping donations and unload in front of the store.

We are grateful for your understanding and partnership which contribute to making Second Chances.

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